Notice on How to Open Account with Turnitin – A Tool for Original Work Detection

Release time:2020-02-21206

Turnitin is a tool for original work detection by checking inappropriate citation and potential plagiarism. To use it, you should first obtain an account from the administrator (the librarian) and then login with the account and password. The library opened more than one thousand accounts in 2019. Since cost of using Turnitin is correlated to the number of accounts opened, to regulate use of its accounts, the library now formalizes the following procedures:

  1. There are two kinds of accounts for Turnitin users, instructor account and student account. The library will only open account for instructors. If students need to use Turnitin for class assignment, please ask your instructor to create a class and open student accounts in the class.

  2. How to create an instructor account: One needs to send his/her email address and name to . After the account is created, he/she will receive an email from Turnitin containing a link to activate his/her Turnitin account.

  3. If one has an existing account, one does not need to re-apply. Please change the email address with Turnitin to be ended with if you have registered with before.


A kind reminder: Turnitin is mainly to compare articles in English databases, so using Turnitin for detecting Chinese articles is not recommended.


User Guide of Turnitin is available at: