Notification of Using MyLoft to Access E-resources Off-campus

Release time:2020-03-13185

A new remote access method is available now. By installing the extension of MyLoft or mobile app, you can login your account and access databases remotely. The browser will keep you in the status of login, so that you can access the subscribed databases anytime and anywhere.

This remote access solution is available for the following databases:ACM, AIAA, JAMA, Annual Reviews, APS, ASCE, BMJ, OSA, Science, SIAM, SPIE, Thieme, ACS, ASME, ICSD, MSI, Project Euclid, etc.

Please register MyLoft account using your university email. For more information, please refer to Off-Campus Access to E-resources .

If you have any questions about registration, please contact Dancy ZHOU at