Trial on Itextbook Wiley and Cambridge textbook resources

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Period of validity : Mar. 17- May. 31

Itextbook is an electronic textbook integrated platform established by China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd., which integrated high quality of electronic textbook resources from world’s leading publishers. Each textbook has been carefully selected by the member libraries of 12 foreign textbook centers of the Ministry of Education, aiming to provide a wealth of teaching references for universities, research institutes and readers.

Wiley E-textSelected original global best-known textbooks of Wiley from Various disciplines, including Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Business and Accounting, Geography, Computer Science, Statistics, Education, Psychology, and Modern Linguistics, etc.

Cambridge E-text:The most popular 127 electronic textbooks were selected from a number of disciplines, such as Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Meteorology, Engineering, Management, Medicine and many other disciplines. CUP's textbooks include classic course materials, which adopted by many famous universities around the world. Moreover, some reference books that suitable for undergraduate and graduate students are also included.