Information Literacy Training Embedded in EAP Classes Successfully Completed!

Release time:2020-03-17192

In the past two years, the fourth and fifth week of the semester is usually when the SUSTech Library works in partnership with Center For Language Education to conduct embedded information literacy training (Making Best Use of Library Resources) for the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course. The subject librarians give lectures in English about how to search academic resources and information retrieval skills based on students’ projects.

From March 9th to 13th this year, with the support of CLE, 24 embedded training classes were successfully conducted using the recorded teaching videos made by the library.

Feedback from the EAP teachers was positive, with Matthew Jellick, stating, “this integrated class gives my students not only the opportunity to practice their academic research skills, but moreover, ask questions, in real time, of the Librarians, as they “attend” our Zoom classes with us.  Truly a great example of cross-departmental collaboration, I am grateful to the SUSTech Library for their continued support of our CLE programs.”

The teaching videos were made by the CLE Subject Librarian, Zhou Lvtao, and the online interactions and Q&A were conducted by Subject Librarians Zhou Lvtao, Wang Juanyu, Yang Manqi and Library Assistant Director, Huang Feiyan.

Subject Librarian Zhou Lvtao is answering students’ questions on Zoom and WeChat

Subject Librarian Wang Juanyu is demonstrating information retrieval and answering students’ questions in Dr. Li’s class

Subject Librarian Yang Manqi is answering students’ questions on Zoom and QQ

Library Assistant Director Huang Feiyan is answering students’ questions on Zoom and WeChat