Notice on Trial of Knowledge Commons of Southern University of Science and Technology

Release time:2020-03-30200

To enhance the management of scholarly output of SUSTech as well as to promote the University, the Library and Research Office with support from other departments of the University started the development of the SUSTech Institutional Repository named SUSTech Knowledge Commons (SUSTech KC) in 2018 to meet the demands generated by fast-paced development of the University. As a key component of the university knowledge management infrastructure, SUSTech KC is a platform for collecting, storing, displaying, disseminating, and preserving scholarly output of the University.

After nearly two years of hard work, we have collected more than 10,000 pieces of scholarly output in SUSTech KC including journals papers, conference papers, dissertations, books and book chapters, patents, and other academic achievements created by our teachers and students. We have also built 22 departmental knowledge repositories and cleaned up the achievements of about 500 scholars in their entire academic career. In addition, the platform allows the user to visualize the achievements of scholars through multi-dimensional knowledge graphs. Individual scholars can submit, claim, and export their scholarly output. 

The platform is scheduled for trial operation from March 30, 2020. The access address is: You can also log in from the link provided on the Library website under the Collections or the direct links below the News. During the trial run, only the Chinese version will be released. The English version will be released when it is ready. Faculty and staff (visiting scholars are not included) are encouraged to log into the personal workplace through Central Authentication Service to maintain personal information and to claim and submit scholarly output. The scholarly output captured on this platform will be the official data source for academic performance reviews by the University (please refer to the attachment or view the online help files for how to perform these tasks on the platform).

In order to help faculty make better use of SUSTech KC, the library will organize training sessions for different users from time to time, and notices will be sent through email as well as announced on the Library website.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the Library.

Contact Information:

Ms Wang Wei: 88010811  18007553002 ;
Ms Wu Ruomei:88010815  13823502240 ;

 Library and Research Office

 March 30, 2020