Trial on ClinicalKey Student

Release time:2020-03-31243

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Trial Period: 30th March – 30th May,2020

ClinicalKey Student (CKS) is the next-generation medical learning platform, making it easier for students to study and turn information into knowledge. Also help lecturers in preparing teaching materials. There are two modules in CKS: Foundations and Assessment. Details as below:


•     230+ world-leading textbooks,covering 40+ medical subjects

•     1500+ disease summary

•     100,000 high revolution images

•     850+ videos, from anatomy to clinical teaching

Interactive learning tools:Bookshelf, flash card, bookmark,making notes, export to one note, PPT, offline access, audio, notes sharing.


•     4500+ question bank(2000 in basic science & 2500 in clinical medicine)

•     USMLE question bank(Step1 700 & Step2 300)

•     Every question comes with in-line remediation

•     Setup questions easily in few clicks

•     Written and vetted by an Editorial Board