Notice on Reopening of the Library

Release time:2020-05-26194

Dear Patrons,

In accordance with the strategies taken by the university against COVID-19, the library is scheduled to resume its on-site services on May 27 2020 in an orderly manner as follows:


1. Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday: 8:30-17:30


2. Open Areas

1) 1st Floor: Magazine / Newspaper Space; Quiet Study Space

2) 2nd Floor: Reading Space

3) 3rd Floor: Reading Space; Computer Hub; Special Collection Room


Please pay attention that the Group Study Rooms are not open temporarily. You can make an appointment when you do need one. Please call 0755-88010800 to schedule your time. The library staff will make an arrangement according to the number of person, purpose of your use.


3. Entry Control

Only SUSTech faculty, staff and students can enter with their campus cards. The number of people in the library can not exceed 300 during the same time period. When the number reaches the maxim, a one-in-one-out approach will be implemented.


4. Services

1) The Service Center will provide consultation and campus card authentication services. In order to satisfy social distancing, please send email to when you need campus card authentication.


2) Services such as Document Delivery, Recommending a Purchase, Scholarly Output Reporting, and Information Literacy Education Programs can still be accessed online. Please refer to the official library website under the service guide for details.


5. Kind Reminders

1) Library does not provide masks, so please wear a mask when entering the library.

2) Please keep safe social distance from others by following: the “One Table One Person” rule.

3) Please put the books on the nearest cart after reading, DO NOT put the books back to where you picked it up, sanitization of the book will be done later by the library staff.

4) There is a Book Sanitizer on the first floor in library. We suggest sanitization be done to all the books you borrow before leaving the library.

5) Due date for all books have been already extended to July 31, 2020.


6. On-site service will be readily adjusted according to changes of demands both by library users and the fight against COVID-19.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: 0755-88010800 (Monday to Sunday 8:30-17:30).


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. As always, the library is ready to serve you at any time.



May 26, 2020