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ChemDraw/ChemOffice A chemical structure drawing tool which is created by CambridgeSoft in the year of 1986. Now PerkinElmer devotes to providing a wonderful solution in Chemistry、Biology、Pharmacy、Material etc. industy. It is the most popular chemical assistant software in the world.


ChemOffice Professional® offers a broad suite of industry-leading, scientifically intelligent productivity tools that help researchers transform their workflows. Built off of the industry leading chemical drawing application ChemDraw, ChemOffice brings the tools a researcher needs to conduct their science. From 3D structures to predicted and experimental spectral results, cloud based sketching capabilities and access to a modern cloud based documentation and scientific collaboration platform, ChemOffice Professional empowers chemists and biologists alike to visualize and capture their research, efficiently keep track of their work, and gain a deeper understanding of their results and make decisions with greater confidence. It is the Scientifically Intelligent Productivity Suite for Chemists and Biologists.


ChemDraw software is the Gold Standard for Chemical Communications. From a simple drawing tool to a chemically intelligent application, ChemDraw® has evolved into the software chemists and research scientists rely on. Whether you’re an experienced chemist or an aspiring one, ChemDraw allows you to find your way around chemistry without having to master drawing.