Orientation by Library for Freshmen

Release time:2020-09-08200

September is the month when we welcome the new students! This year, we welcome the largest number of new students since SUSTech was founded. The library, as a paradise of knowledge, becomes the focus of attention for the students as they enter the new environment. With a wealth of collections, diverse services and beautiful and cozy learning spaces, the library is to become a highlight place for the students' campus life in the next few years.

The library orientation training includes three sessions for undergraduate students, graduate students and international students.

As early as August, the library started to record a 30-minute orientation video for the 1,094 newly enrolled undergraduates. Students watched the video on SUSTech WeChat official account or Lexiang platform during August 29th to September 6th to learn about the library spaces, location and circulation rules of printed books and the searching of electronic resource, etc.

(Video of Orientation Training of Undergraduate Students)

On the evening of September 3rd, orientation training for graduate students was held in the main venue of the lecture hall. At the same time, some classrooms in Lychee Hill Community and the teaching building are used to simultaneously broadcast the training live. More than 800 graduate students participated. The training focused on the diverse learning spaces, the abundant resources and various teaching and research services of the library. The students enjoyed the training and asked many questions about book recommendation, off-campus access to electronic resources, information literacy education and the launching time of the new libraries.

(Orientation Training of Graduate Students)

(Students Asking Questions in the Orientation Training of Graduate Students)

Group Photo of Orientation Training of Graduate Students

On the morning of September 4, a special training session for international students was held in Shuli College, helping them get to know the SUSTech Library.

(Training of International Students)

With these events coming to a conclusion, the library wishes the new students seize the day and live it to their fullest youth!