Notes on Restricted Access to ICSD Database

Release time:2020-10-20194

Recently, ICSD publisher has monitored that SUSTech users download ICSD data in bulk for big data analysis, which causes our downloading exceed the maximum number of 20,000 for the natural year. So ICSD publisher has restricted our download access to the database, affecting the normal use of all SUSTech users.

After making great efforts to negotiate with ICSD publisher, ICSD publisher has temporarily increased 2000 downloads. Once the 2000 records are downloaded, the ICSD data will not be available to be downloaded for the rest of the year.  Users are cautioned not to download ICSD data in bulk to avoid affecting the use of other users.

We would like to state once again that all users should follow the principle of reasonable use and we prohibit using any internet download tools to download library-subscriprion electronic resources in bulk.