Loan Service to Be Resumed at Lynn Library

Release time:2020-11-3029

Dear patrons:

We are pleased to announce that loan services will be resumed at Lynn Library on December 1st. After relocation of collections, F-S books, U-Z books, English fictions, Scholar Recommend, New Arrivals, some special collections, audio-visual materials and reference books (not including T books) remain in Lynn Library.

Please be informed that A-E books and T books have been moved to Yidan Library, which will be sometime around the 10th anniversary of our university. If you are in urgent need of A-E books or T books, a call can be made on a book as specified below:

1. Send the information of the book (title, author and call number) and reader’s information (name, Campus Card No. and cell phone number) to:

2. The library staff will call or send an email to you, informing the time and place to pick up the book.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact: 0755-88010800. The library is ready to serve you at any time.