Notes on restricted access to ICSD

Release time:2020-12-29185

Recently, the vendor of ICSD database has monitored the usage and found ICSD data has been downloaded in bulk by SUSTech users for big data analysis. Now the download number has reached the maximum download limit (20,000 downloads) of a natural year. Therefore, the privilege to download ICSD data of the university has been closed, which has affected all faculty and students.


The downloading privilege of the ICSD database will be resumed on January 1, 2021. But if the download number reaches the limit again, ICSD will suspend the download privilege, which cannot be resumed any more throughout the year.


So we recommend that:

1. The databases of ICSD, SpringerMaterials, and MSI Eureka can all provide inorganic crystal data. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the library has subscribed to all of them. Users can choose any of the three databases to do search.

2. If you need to download data in bulk, the vendor of ICSD Press provides a sales plan of API interface, which can only be used by personal accounts and is suitable for individual researchers or research groups to purchase. The library can assist in contacting the vendor to provide product information.


Again, the library wants to remand our users and especially asks our faculty to inform their students and group members to abide by the regulations when using the electronic resources. Please stop downloading in bulk, which is strictly prohibited.