Cengage Teaching Resource Center (TRC) is available!

Release time:2021-01-22194

Information Page: https://lib.sustech.edu.cn/dataBank/view/845.html?locale=en_US    

Access URL: http://cengagetrc.cnpereading.com/

The Teaching Resource Center (TRC) focuses on the high-quality teaching materials provided by Cengage, including student’s books, teacher’s manuals, teaching PPT, examination pools and question answers, classroom activity materials, reading materials, experiment manuals and other teaching resources. The resources are written and edited by famous teachers from hundreds of universities around the world and widely used in the classes of Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University and other top universities in the world.


Note: Student’s books can be used directly in the campus network without registering an account. Teaching supplement materials are only accessible for teachers. Please log in your teacher account to use. (When registering for teacher's account, you only need to submit the photo on your campus card as authentication material.)