Notice for the Opening of Yidan Library 24hr Study Space

Release time:2021-02-26192

Dear Patrons:


The 24hr Study Space on the First floor of Yidan Library will be open to the public from March 1st. The entrance hours of the library will be as follows:


  1. 8:00 -- 22:00, the entrance on the 2nd floor will be open.

  2. 22:00 -- 8:00 (of the following day), the entrance on the 1st floor will be open.


Tips: The library will close the elevator and staircase to the first floor at 22:00. If you need to go to the 24hr Study Space on the 1st floor, please go out from the entrance on the 2nd floor in advance to the 1st floor.


Patrons are welcome to use the 24hr Study Space at anytime, but all work no play makes Jack a dull boy. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact: 0755-88010800, we will always be there to help you!



February 26, 2021