Orientation by Library for Freshmen

Release time:2019-08-29185

In the middle of August, 2019, SUSTech saw the arrival of 1062 freshmen. 

In order for freshmen to know how to use the library as soon as possible, the library organized more than 30 visit and training sessions for them from August 26 to August 28.

To make these sessions lively, interesting, in-depth and effective, the library adopted the interactive mode with the combination of site visit and hands-on practices. Instructors interacted with students by demonstrations, such as using self-service machine to borrow, return and renew books, searching books in library website, logging in my library to manage personal accounts, reserving group study room, etc. Instructors also introduced the layout of library collections, knowledge of a call number and rules of shelving books while showing the students around the library.

During the visit, students were eager to ask questions, which showed the good attitude of seeking and learning knowledge. Instructors answered patiently and professionally, which won students' praise.

The door to knowledge treasure is wide open as always. Make best use of it, Freshmen!

A student instructor tells how to interpret a call number

A librarian is introducing “My Story with the Library”—Exhibition of Essays by graduates

A librarian is showing the Special Collection room

A student instructor tells what the “Scholar Recommend” all about is