Library Notice on University Checkout for Postgraduates of 2022 Class

Release time:2022-06-1025

Dear all postgraduates of 2022 class:


According to library policies, you are required to submit your thesis (dissertation) and make clearance with the library, such as returning books borrowed and paying for overdue fees, before leaving the university.


1. Procedure of thesis submission

Starting from June 11, 2022 the library will begin to process and review the thesis submission. SUSTech graduates, domestic joint graduates and overseas joint PhD graduates must submit these in the library's thesis management system before graduation.

A) The library's thesis management system link:

B) For submission guide, please refer to the link:


In order to ensure work efficiency, postgraduates of each college are advised to follow the time schedule to complete submission before June 27, 2022.

2022 Postgraduates Thesis Submission Time Schedule

College of Engineering

June 11 - 18

College of   Science

June 19 - 22

Other Colleges

June 23 - 26


2. Book-return and overdue fees payment

The library will suspend the book-borrowing privilege for all of the graduates at 9:00 am on June 27, 2022. Please make arrangement accordingly in advance and return books before June 27, 2022.


Starting from June 28 2022, for the student whose library record shows no book/textbook to be returned, no overdue fees to pay, and have already submitted the thesis, the library section of the university-checkout system will automatically display processed, which means you have completed the process with the library for graduation.


Before 9:00 am on June 27 2022, for those who haven’t completed processing with the library, the library section of the university-checkout system will display not processed yet, which means you need to go to the service desk on 2nd floor at Yidan Library for what is required to complete. Working hours of the service desk of Yidan Library are: 8:30-22:00 from Monday to Sunday.


3. Reminder

You are required to complete graduation procedures with the library before 9:00 am of June 27, 2022. Contact information is as follows:

For book return and overdue payment: please contact us at 0755-88010800 or

For thesis submission: please contact us at 0755-88010811 or


Thank you for your cooperation.


SUSTech Library

June 10, 2022