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Database Introduction

MSI (International Society for Materials and Sciences) is the world's largest research institution that collects and evaluates data on the composition of inorganic materials. Originated from the Institute of Metals of the Max Planck Society in Germany, it was established in 1984. Behind MSI is a research team composed of more than 250 material scientists from 17 countries around the world, who are also members of the International Alloy Phase Diagram Committee (APDIC). MSI Eureka, a database product of MSI, contains data on phase diagrams, phase reactions, and thermodynamics of inorganic materials since 1894, and is a numerical and tool type database. Database content: 1. Included element systems: 58,000; 2. included phase diagrams: over 1800 phase diagrams, including over 1500 binary and ternary system; 3. included bibliographic data: 375,000; 4. evaluated data: 4,300 ternary systems, 178 binary systems, 188 unit systems

To access:

(1) Visit the web version at (interactive tools such as charts are not available).

(2) Download the client software MSI Eureka Viewer, through which you can use all the functions.

Authorization code: 844FM-JR9P7-8YGGM-DMT8R-RFQVV

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