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Release time:2017-06-28202

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Period of validity : Jun. 27 – Jul. 27


IncoPat is a patent information platform which makes a deep integration of global top intelligence and realizes Chinese/English translation of global patents.   

1.Chinese/English Search, easily discern overseas top technology 

IncoPat provides global patents with CN/EN titles and abstracts; for patents of some important countries, CN/EN full-text is also available. Users can use either English or original languages to search and browse global patents.

2.Patent value, fast focus on core patents

IncoPat uses more than 20 parameters to set up an objective patent value evaluating system. Users could use patent value ranking to focus on the most important technical intelligence at the first time.

3.Semantic search, easily communicate with patent technology

IncoPat semantic search adopts world-leading deep- learning algorithms. Just input a passage of technical description, the system will automatically hits relevant patents and users could get easy and comprehensive access to target patents.