SUSTech Library to Cease Access Services of University Town Library of Shenzhen

Release time:2018-01-11229

Dear patrons:

University Town Library of Shenzhen (UTLS) has been very supportive to SUSTech since its inception in terms of library services. Now that SUSTech library has grown more mature and independent in providing services to the SUSTech community, UTLS and SUSTech Library reached an agreement in terms of future services as follows:

1. The patron’s card of UTLS handled by SUSTech library will be converted to patron’s card of the City of Libraries of Shenzhen, which can be used in any public library in Shenzhen. Specific borrowing privilege and use guide can refer to

2. SUSTech libray will no longer handle patron’s card of UTLS for SUSTech faculty and students. Patrons can go to any public library in Shenzhen to handle patron’s card of “the City of Libraries” of Shenzhen, which does not need to be written off by SUSTech library when the patron leaves SUSTech.

3. SUSTech library no longer provides reservation and loan services of UTLS for SUSTech faculty and students. Readers who need to borrow/return books from/to UTLS can go there by themselves or apply for interlibrary loan service by Shenzhen Document Net via

SUSTech Library
January 11th, 2018

A letter from UTLS on changing service for faculty and students of SUSTech.pdf