Trial the Ovid Discovery

Release time:2018-09-19235

Ovid Discovery is open for trial use in our library. We welcome all teachers and students to use it and give us feedback on your use evaluation and problems found.

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Trial Period2018-9-17 to 2018-11-17

Ovid Discovery is the world’s most advanced discovery platform developed specifically for health, biomedical, and pharmaceutical electronic libraries—helping solve the growing challenges of the digital library. It provides your users with a single-search, one-stop-shop solution for all their research needs.

Ovid Discovery is the next generation complete discovery-to-delivery solution

Indexed and non-indexed resources from publishers, information providers, and aggregators—including: A/I Databases, Full-text collections, Library catalogues, Websites, Search engines, Local repositories.

Searchable content including: Journal articles, Books, Videos, Images, Reports, Procedures, Blogs, Audio, Systematic reviews.

Metadata for 100+ million scholarly eResources:

•  Over 1.1 million unique knowledgebase items

•  53,000 Publisher and Aggregator collections

•  1,100 full-text aggregated collections

•  285,000 unique print and full-text journal titles

•  45,000+ unique open-access titles—over 7 million records