The library offers training by appointment to better serve the teaching and research, and to meet the needs of teachers and students who are unable to attend the library workshop series due to time conflicts. Teachers and students can make appointments with the library for different subjects, majors or dormitories according to their needs.

1.     Attendees: SUSTech teachers and students

2.     Requirement: More than 10 attendees

3.     How to make appointment: Send email to

4.     Training time/place: Negotiated

5.     Language: Chinese


Available topics for appointment:

Topic 1: EndNote training

Introduction: How to use the document management software-EndNote, including document retrieval from different sources, efficient document management and reference generation with one click when managing documents and writing papers.


Topic 2: Formatting Dissertations Efficiently -Using Word

Introduction: Taking dissertation requirements of SUSTech as an example, introduce how to efficiently format a long Word document, including standardization of outline levels and heading styles, adding multi-level numbering, generating automatic table of contents, generating headers and page numbers, captions and cross-references, FAQ of tables, etc.


Topic 3: Libraries: Space, Resources, Services

Introduction: The diverse spaces and collections of the SUSTech library and various services that support learning and research, to help teachers and students make best use of the library resources.