Off-Campus Access to E-resources

SUSTech staff and students can access the electronic resources of the library outside campus as instructed below:

1. Access most e-resources of the library through VPN of our university.

Visit , and check VPN instructions.pdf for details.

How to apply for VPN account:

  • Faculty and staff employed by the university: The VPN account and password will be set automatically at the time of employment. The account is your SID number. The initial password needs to be modified when logging in for the first time. The VPN password needs to be modified regularly every year (15 days in advance since the opening of the account every year).
  • Student: Bring SID card to the Administrative Service Center of the university and fill in the VPN application form, which needs to be signed by faculty and then submitted to the Administrative Service Center.
  • Other staff : Submit VPN application form through OA.

Tips: (1) During coronavirus containing period, students and other university personnel can directly send VPN Application Form.docx to, copying your college counselor or tutor or head of the department for approval. (2) For questions about the application and use of VPN account, please consult Information Technology Services at or call 0755-88010596 / 0755-88010777.

2. Access based on Shibboleth.

Click the following links to access the databases and log in with CAS account. For details, please refer toGeneral Guide for off-campus access of Shibboleth.docx.

No. Database No. Database No. Database
1 CNKI(中国知网)  2 EBSCO(ASP/BSP/Flipster)        3 EI
4 Emerald 5 IEEE 6 Scopus 




Springer/Springer Protocols 








web of science(SCI/SSCI/CPCI











Taylor & Francis期刊


Springer Materials





21 Clinicalkey



3. Access through MyLOFT.

This remote access solution is availble for the following databases, such as ACM、AIAA、JAMA、Annual Reviews、APS、ASCE、BMJ、OSA、Science、SIAM、SPIE、Thieme、ACS、ASMEICSD、MSI、Project Euclid、IEEE, etc. Users need to install MyLoft plug-ins in the the browser, and register the account using your university email. For more details, please refer to the Guide for MyLoft.docx.

Tips: There may be no databases available in the platform immediately after the registration. If this happens to you, access it again 15 minutes after registration as approval is done manually rather than automatically. Any questions about registration, please contact Dancy ZHOU at

4.Access through personal account of database.

Databases such as CNKI and IEEE can be accessed this way. Users need to register personal account on the database website (or APP) and activate the remote access privilege on campus. After that, user can log in the personal account to access off-campus.

Some databases such as Elsevier and JoVE, user do not need to be on campus to activate the remote access privilege of personal accounts. For details, please refer to theGuide to register personal account for databases.docx.

5. Access through institutional account of the database.

This is normally used in summer and winter vacation with databases including AMS, AGU, Britannica academic, Cambridge Journals / books Online, EBSCO, MRS of materials research society, ProQuest, Wiley, and Chinese databases such as Bokan journal, CSMAR, 51CTO, GPD (Global Product Sample), Taiwan academic literature database, China Social Science Excellence(CSSE), People's Daily, Wanfang, etc.

User needs to login the institutional account provided by the database provider to access the database off-campus. Please contact Wang Caidi at using your university email to obtain the institutional account. Please indicate the database you want to access (the institutional account of each database is different), your department, your class, your name and SID number in the email.