Access Policy

1. Patrons must use their university ID card or temporary library cards for entry.

2. New faculty and staff need to bring University ID card to the Service Desk for authentication to borrow books.

3. Patrons should wear appropriately, behave properly and protect the library assets. To protect books, equipment and other facilities from damage, it is forbidden to bring unlid drink and odorous food to the library.

4. To avoid disturbing others, patrons need to keep quiet and set mobile phones and other devices to mute in the library, and talk with proper volume in group study areas.

5. After reading a book inside the library, patrons should put the book on the nearby book truck, instead of putting it back on the shelf.

6. Do not daub or tear books and other reading materials.

7. Patrons should take belongings away when leaving the library, and they should not take the seat for a long time.

8. To protect the library from fire, smoking and open flames are strictly forbidden.

9. Without the permission of the library, posters, photos and videos are not allowed to be put up in the library area.