Library Space Reservation

Group Study Room

Exhibition Area

The exhibition area located on the third floor of the library is equipped with movable boards and booths and can be reserved by campus units or individuals.

Terms of use:
The area can be reserved 1 month in advance, on a first-come first-serve basis.
Please use the exhibition area according to the reservation time including time needed for preparation and withdrawal with not exceeding 2 days.
If you need to cancel the reservation, please contact the library 1 week in advance.

How to reserve:
Send the theme, content and schedule of the exhibition by mail at,
Upon receipt of the reservation application, the library will get in touch with you by Email or phone about details.

G309 Classroom

Rules on Using G309 Classroom

The G309 classroom is located on the third floor of the library, and is suitable for activities for 10-30 people.
Use priority is given to information literacy training and other activities organized by the library.
Other departments, divisions or student organizations of the university may also use it upon reservation.
Library is a public place where rights and interests of most users should be protected, so G309 should not be used as a regular place for regular courses, conferences and associations except for library information literacy training. The classroom is equipped with projection, sound amplifier and whiteboard. Users can also borrow the laser pen and conversion connector in G309, but need to bring their own laptops.

Terms of use:
1. The classroom can be used for up to 1 day each time, and can be reserved 7 natural days in advance, on a first-come first-serve basis.
2. Please use the classroom at the time as reserved. To receive the key, you need to bring your University ID Card to service desk on 1st floor of the library 10-30 minutes ahead of time.
3. If you need to cancel the reservation, please contact the library to cancel it at least 1 day in advance, or the library will terminate your privilege to reserve G309.
4. If you do not show up more than 15 minutes after reservation time, your reservation will be canceled automatically.
5. Opening hours: 8:30-21:30, Monday to Sunday (except 13:00-18:00, Wednesday).
6. Please make sure that the tables and chairs are put in where they were and the environment is clean before you lock the door and return the key.

How to reserve:
1. Phone: call 0755-88010800 to reserve;
2. Go to the service desk of the library to reserve;

Reservation and User Information of Classroom G309.xls