Introduction to SUSTech Library


The library supports the learning, teaching and research of the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). To ensure that required information resources are available for academic pursuits by students and faculty, the university has provided adequate funding since its inception for acquisition of such resources. In consideration of programs offered by the university as well as industry trends, the library spends more than 80% of its collection budget on electronic resources. Using world-class universities as benchmarks, the library provides ample resources for every program from Mathematics to Biology and from Computer Science to Mechanic Engineering. Though its focus is on science and technology programs, the library is also developing a core collection on Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities in order to meet the demands by the university to develop a whole-person education model. By the end of Dec 2019, the library’s print collection included more than 245,141 books (184,536 in Chinese and 60,605 in foreign languages), 101 newspapers and magazines (69 Chinese and 32 foreign), and 125 databases (28 in Chinese and 97 in foreign languages) which hold 557,232 electronic books and 84,469 electronic journals. Moreover, by using CALIS, NSTL and Shenzhen Document Network, faculty and students of the university can have access to a variety of resources hosted by other institutions across China as well as within the city of Shenzhen itself where SUSTech is located.

Opened in 2013, the current library is a three-story building of 10,000 square meters with a modern exterior design. According to the plan of the university, two more new library locations with a total space of another 10,000 square meters will be added on campus by the end of 2019. The design of the new libraries, both exterior and interior, will reflect the latest trends of educational architectural design, featuring a variety of spaces required by users of an academic library in the 21st century.

The library provides both on-site and virtual services, such as loans, references, citation query, and workshops on information literacy. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of the services, the library envisions making itself a place where advanced technologies and facilities are applied. Examples of such endeavors include the so-called “New Generation” cloud-based ILS, a Google-like discovery system to enhance the experience of finding information, multi-functional large screens for students in their group work, and a variety of social media to connect the library and its users.

Keeping pace with the fast development of SUSTech, the library aims to become a center for academic activities and resources of a world class university in the foreseeable future. The library team is working hard at this with such an ambition acting as a catalyst to guide the library’s daily operations.