Search Engines

Searching books and journals of the library

If you search “Books and Journals” in library catalogue system located on the library homepage, it means you search the printed books, the bound periodicals the library purchases and a selected collection of electronic books.

SUSTech Search

The library purchases a wide range of printed resources and electronic resources, which are distributed in different systems and databases, so users need to perform searching by switching in different databases. To make searching more convenient, the library provides a repository containing all collections by establishing “SUSTech Search”. Using this search engine located on the homepage, users are able to search the library’s entire collection in a one-stop platform.

Shenzhen Document Network

Shenzhen Document Network is an integrated service platform co-founded by six libraries in Shenzhen: University Town Library of Shenzhen , Shenzhen Library, Shenzhen University Library, Shenzhen Polytechnic Library, Library of Chinese University of Hongkong(Shenzhen) and SUSTech Library. Users can have access to a variety of resources hosted by the 6 libraries for one-stop search, as well as online trial reading and document delivery.