FAQs of databases

Why is batch downloading prohibited? Is there a standard for batch downloading?

Publishers closely monitor using of the databases with technical measures regarding intellectual properties. Using software tools to download a large number of documents is considered malicious downloading, which will cause IP automatically blocked by providers’ server. Even seriously, the whole university’s IP will be blocked. It is highly possible that such violations may lead to legal consequences.

Different publishers have their own standards for "batch downloading". Generally, it occurs when the same IP over-downloads library-subscribed electronic resources in a certain period of time with an abnormal frequency exceeding that of manual downloading, or using software tools such as Network Ants and Flashget to download.

Our patrons should not risk batch downloading because we are institutional subscribers and generally will not discontinue subscription, so users can download whenever necessary. Patrons are encouraged to practice fair use of electronic resources and exploit their value. At the same time, we will investigate and punish malicious downloading.

Do I have to be on campus to access databases the library subscribes?

No. You can access databases by VPN, but you have to apply for a VPN account first. All students can apply for VPN account according to their needs through Information Center of the university. When approved they can use most of the electronic resources the library subscribes upon login with VPN account. Please visit http://www.sustech.edu.cn/wlfw for relevant information. Only a number of databases allow remote access upon successful login with username and password. Please see the introduction of each database on our website for detail.

Why do I fail to access a database?

For on-campus access, the reasons you can not gain access to a database may be one of the following:

(1) The quota of concurrent users is full, or the network fails to connect, or database server failures, etc. You can try to connect  for several times.

(2) If you use Sogou, Tencent and other built-in browser accelerator, sometimes you can not gain access to databases because the browser automatically changes your Internet IP and you are recognized as off-campus users. So we suggest using Chrome, FireFox and other browsers to access the database.

(3) If you still cannot access databases, please provide the following information for the responsible librarians of the databases (contact information can be found on the database introduction page) including 1) website address; 2) the screenshot showing failure to access the database; 3) IP address of your computer . The librarians will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

I have used a database for some time and then the link disappears from the database page. Why ?

The reason is (1) Some databases listed on the library website are databases on trial that the library has not yet subscribed. The expiring date is indicated for each trial database on its introduction page. You are welcome to tell us your opinion on a trial database (find contact information of the responsible librarian on database introduction page), because your suggestions are important evidence we subscribe the database. Or

(2) The library may alter its subscription, for example, discontinue subscribing a database with very low access rate.

How do I get help if I do not know how to search a database?

On the library homepage, find “Databases” under "Collections" and click on the specific database to find its introduction.You can also download users’ guide on the page. Actually participating in training sessions would be the best choice as the library holds various workshops on an irregular basis according to demands of users, covering information retrieval of different subjects and databases, as well as how to use the library catalogue system and open access resources.

What databases are available in the library?

On the the library homepage, click on “Databases” under "Collections" and you will find databases subscribed by the library.

How do I know what databases are available for a specific subject?

You can find that information by clicking on "Databases” on the library homepage, and then clicking on “By Subject”.

If I need to use a database that is not included in the list of Databases, how can I recommend it to the library?

(1) On the library homepage, click on “Recommend a Purchase” under “Service”, submit recommendation form according to the instruction.

(2) Send email to lib_acq@sustech.edu.cn, indicating the name of the database you recommend, your department, your contact information, and the reason you recommend to purchase, and so on.