Rules and Regulations

Why do I need to pay for overdue fee for overdue books?

Overdue fee is the fee occurred if patrons do not return or renew the borrowed items in due date. Overdue fee is levied to guarantee circulation and most patrons’ privilege, accustoming patrons to returning books in due time.

Where can I pay for overdue fee and damaged or lost item?

A damaged or lost item can be processed at the Service Desk of Yidan Library or Lynn Library. Please pay attention to Service Hours.

What should I do if I lost a borrowed item?

One should report to the Service Desk of Yidan Library or Lynn Library if loss of a borrowed item occurs. If it eventually cannot be found, one could purchase a new book with the same or newer version that the library accepts as a replacement. When a new copy cannot be bought, you have to pay the library for the loss. The rate is three times of the list price of the lost item. Please pay attention to Service Hours.

Can I borrow books using others’ U-Card?

Unfortunately no, one’s U-Card can only be used by oneself. It is not allowed to give one’s card to others for borrowing books or accessing resources.

How do I use the computers in the Computer Hub?

The computers in the Computer Hub can be used upon successful login with your wifi internet account and password. Each session for using a computer is set to 4 hours. After 4 hours, the system will automatically log off and the installed software and data during these 4 hours will be deleted. Please turn off the computer to release computer resources and to avoid malicious operations of your account by others.

Tips: The system will prompt alert reminder 10 minutes before logging off, so remember to save your documents in time.

What software is installed for the computers in the Computer Hub?

Some frequently-used softwares have been pre-installed for the computers in the Computer Hub, including Office, Chrome, PDF, Youdao Dictionary, OneNote, Physics Experiments Rehearsal Hall, QQ, Chaoxing Reader, ADSafe Shielding Master. Please do not install them again.

Can I install software by myself for the computers in the Computer Hub?

Yes. To satisfy the students’ demand for specific software, computer No. 128-157 will be available for installing software and saving documents, which will not be cleaned up for 7 days (Sunday 00:00-Saturday 24:00) .

Tips: Since other users are also entitled to use the computers, please make sure you delete or back-up documents before logging off.

Group study room reservation

You can make reservation by clicking on “Reserve Group Study Room” in the lower part of the library homepage .