Patrons' Card Management

What ID is required to enter the library?

University ID Card (U-Card) or temporary patron’s card.

How will U-Card for new students and new faculty be authenticated for library loans?

U-Card for new students is automatically authenticated for library loans when the new semester begins. New faculty and staff must bring U-Card to the Service Desk located on the 1st floor for authentication.

How will visiting scholars and visiting students apply for library card?

A temporary Library Card can be issued at the Service Desk when visiting scholars or visiting students present a request letter stating duration of their visiting period (A letter template can be downloaded from Download in the lower part of library homepage) from the concerned department, as well as a valid personal ID and a photocopy of ID. Please pay attention to Service Hours.

Can a person not affiliated to the university apply for a library card?

For those who are not entitled to a university ID card but need to access the library, they can apply for a temporary patron’s card if they present request letter from the concerned department. Please pay attention to the Service Hours when applying at the Service Desk.