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In September 2015, the 193 member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted a plan called Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals), which consists of 17 goals to meet the many challenges of life in the world today.

In order to support scholars’ research and teaching in the field of sustainable development, Taylor & Francis Publishing Group and the United Nations Department of Responsible Management Education Principles (PRME) have created an interdisciplinary online database: Sustainable Development Goals Online (hereinafter referred to as Sustainable Development Goals Online). 

The database contains the core content of books and journals in the fields of Science and Technology Engineering and Medicine (STEM) and Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) of Taylor & Francis Publishing Group. The main features include:

(1) Guided by an international advisory committee composed of internationally renowned scholars, professionals, policy makers, and government and non-governmental organization staff.

(2) Featured more than 20,000 e-book chapters and more than 1,500 journal articles.

(3) Contains more than 600 teaching resources produced by experts and scholars, including: core essays, case studies, lesson plans, reading lists, videos, audios, etc.

(4) At least 2000 items (chapters, articles and teaching resources) will be added every year.

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