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Database Introduction

Sci-Fund tracks and aggregates various science funds funded by major S&T funding agencies in major S&T countries around the world. It covers about 20 countries, such as China, the United States, Japan, Korea, UK, France, Germany, the European Union, Switzerland, Canada. Nearly 20 countries including Holland, Australia, Russia and Brazil. It detects the science funds funded by nearly 100 governments、national research institutions and non-profit organizations, which includes NSFC, NSSFC, NSF, NIH, DOE, UKRI, DFG, EU/ERC, HHMI and so on. Sci-Fund standardizes and normalizes the data from multiple sources according to the  standardized metadata model. It aims at constructing a complete, accurate science funds database. Besides, Sci-Fund is realizing the connection between science funds and S&T research outputs based on the resources of Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform. It will lengthen the S&T data chain, and support deep S&T information services.

The services provided by Sci-Fund include (not limited to):

1. Sci-Fund provides multiple search fields and multi-dimensional faceted navigation. It could profile the S&T funding situation and trend of certain research themes, discover partners competitors for researchers when they are in the process of applying for science funding. When PhD and postdoctoral fellows are seeking opportunities for further study abroad, Sci-Fund could help them find talent funding opportunities in target countries, find appropriate mentors or research teams, etc.

2. Sci-Fund demonstrates the detail information about science funding such as title, principle investigator, awardee institution, project period, status, funding scheme, discipline classification, keywords, summary. Besides, it provides the original link of project to track back to the data source.

3. Based on data mining and visual analysis technology, Sci-Fund provide online interactive dynamic analysis services for users. It could analyze from the perspectives of funder agencies, awardee institutions, time, disciplines, keywords, etc. It could help users explore state-of-the-art research layouts and potential topics of interest, potential competitors or partners and so on.

4. Sci-Fund provides flexible download of selected data sets, which can support users to carry out in-depth analysis or integrate with other third-party data for analysis.

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