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Chinese Science Citation Database( Short for CSCD) was founded in 1989.And it covers more one thousand kinds of excellent academic journals in some area of natural sciences, engineering and medical disciplines, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science, earth science, agricultural science, medicine, industrial technology, environmental sciences and so on. Now CSCD contains 5074404 paper records, 66880023 cited references. Users can experience rich content, scientific structure and accurate data. Besides general retrieval function, CSCD Provide new index relationship-citation index, which make users query the cited details of an article in sciences from millions of citation, and retrieve a number of recent literature from an early important literature or author. This feature is very important to develop cross-disciplinary research and new disciplines. CSCD also provides the data link mechanism, supporting the user access to the full text.

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Yixi Zhang (+86-755-88010841,
1. Any downloading of library-subscribed electronic resources by software or tool is prohibited.
2. Any systematically over-downloading of full-text documents from library-subscribed databases is prohibited.
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5. Violators of the above rules will be punished based on results of thorough investigation.