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SciVal offers quick, easy access to the research performance of 8,500 research institutions and 220 nations worldwide.

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See what SciVal can do for you

Constantly evolving and ever more challenging, today’s R&D landscape requires research managers to ensure satisfying outcomes, and devise better ways to measure the quality and impact of research projects.

To meet these challenges, SciVal offers an integrated modular platform that allows you to view and compare any desired research entities such as institutions, countries, self-defined research topics and researcher groups.


Visualize research performance

Access comprehensive research performance summaries of any desired research entities, identify their unique research strengths and multidisciplinary research areas.

• Retrieve at-a-glance, standardized reports instantly

• Access SciVal Spotlight maps for all institutions and countries


Benchmark your progress

Compare the performance of your institution, specific departments, research groups or selection of researchers.

• Perform in-depth analyses to meet your specific objectives by selecting any combination of subject areas and metrics

• Identify your relative strengths and weaknesses to optimize your strategy


Develop collaborative partnerships

Identify and analyze existing and potential collaboration opportunities based on publication output and citation impact.


• Explore your institution’s current and prospective partnerships

on Google maps

• Identify your top collaborative institutions and co-authorship by drilling into specific subject areas and self-defined research topics


Analyze research trends

Analyze the research trends of any Research Area with citation and usage data, to discover the top performers and rising stars.

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