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      The Financial Times has been one of the world’s leading business intelligence providers and most trusted news organizations for over 125 years. It deliver accurate news and market analysis on global business, finance and politics. The FT’s products and services for organizations help the world’s business leaders anticipate market shifts, avoid risks, spot opportunities and make the right decisions.

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Responsible Librarian
Feiyan Huang (+86-755-88010842,
1. Any downloading of library-subscribed electronic resources by software or tool is prohibited.
2. Any systematically over-downloading of full-text documents from library-subscribed databases is prohibited.
3. Use of proxy server or providing VPN account to unauthorized users is prohibited.
4. Without the prior permission of the library, redistributing library-subscribed resources in bulk to unauthorized users or via proxy server is prohibited.
5. Violators of the above rules will be punished based on results of thorough investigation.