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        Nature Publishing Group brings you leading scientific and medical research from across the globe. The portfolio combines the continued excellence of the weekly international flagship journal Nature, and its associated high impact Nature research journals, and Nature review journals.

        Note: The website of can only access issues of the current year and issues from 2015 till the current year. (The journal of Nature can access issues of 1869-1986 and issues from 2014 till the current year.)  If you want to access issues of earlier years, please visit the China webiste of

        You can get access to the nature journals as follows,


序号 Title 名称
1 Nature 自然
2 Nature Materials 自然材料
3 Nature Chemistry 自然化学
4 Nature Nanotechnology 自然纳米技术
5 Nature Energy 自然能源
6 Nature Physics 自然物理学
7 Nature Photonics 自然光子学
8 Nature Methods 自然方法
9 Nature Biotechnology 自然生物技术
10 Nature Protocols 自然实验室指南
11 Nature Climate Change 自然气候变化
12 Nature Cell Biology 自然细胞生物学
13 Nature Chemical Biology 自然化学生物学
14 Nature Genetics 自然遗传学
15 Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 自然综述分子细胞生物学
16 Nature Reviews Genetics 自然综述遗传学
17 Nature Plants 自然植物
18 Nature Medicine 自然医学
19 Nature Structural And Molecular Biology 自然机构与分子生物学
20 Nature Geoscience 自然地球科学
21 Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 自然综述药物发现
22 Nature Reviews Cancer 自然综述癌症
23 Nature Neuroscience 自然神经科学
24 Nature Immunology 自然免疫学
25 Nature Reviews Microbiology 自然综述微生物学
26 Nature Reviews Neuroscience 自然综述神经科学
27 Nature Reviews Immunology 自然综述免疫学
28 Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology 自然综述临床肿瘤学
29 Nature Reviews Endocrinology 自然综述内分泌学
30 Nature Reviews Rheumatology 自然综述风湿病学
31 Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology 自然综述肠胃病学
32 Nature Reviews Disease Primers 自然综述疾病起源
33 Nature Reviews Nephrology 自然综述肾脏病学
34 Nature Reviews Urology 自然综述泌尿学
35 Nature Reviews Neurology 自然综述神经病学
36 Nature Reviews Cardiology 自然综述心脏病学
37 Nature Reviews Materials 自然综述材料
38 Nature Catalysis 自然催化
39 Nature Electronics 自然电子学
40 Nature Review Physics 自然综述物理

        The journals in red font will expire on December 31, 2020. During the subscription period, the usage of the database is rather low, while the usage cost is much higher than that of the national average. After discussion with faculty members of relevant departments, the library decided not to subscribe to the database. If you have any questions, please contact the responsible librarian.

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