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        SpringerLink is the world’s leading research platform. It delivers more than 1,700 Journals, including many of the world’s leading publications. SpringerLink is a constantly growing resource with new works added all the time, more than 12,000 journal articles every month. Content in each Springer subject area has been carefully pre-selected for its relevance, streamlining the browsing experience for researchers with an interest in a given topic. A rotating set of featured eJournals keep researchers up to date with the latest publications in their field.

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Feiyan Huang (+86-755-88010842, huangfy@sustech.edu.cn)
1. Any downloading of library-subscribed electronic resources by software or tool is prohibited.
2. Any systematically over-downloading of full-text documents from library-subscribed databases is prohibited.
3. Use of proxy server or providing VPN account to unauthorized users is prohibited.
4. Without the prior permission of the library, redistributing library-subscribed resources in bulk to unauthorized users or via proxy server is prohibited.
5. Violators of the above rules will be punished based on results of thorough investigation.