Training Course Session III Offered Jointly by Library and Office of Research for Secretaries of Scholarly Work from Faculties

Release time: 2019-06-24 273

In order to provide better research service and support, Office of Research and Library have worked out a joint plan of offering a series of training courses for secretaries of scholarly work from faculties. Following the first course held in April 2019 and the second one in May, the third course was held on June 20.

The first part of the training was given by Ms. Jia Huihui from Office of Research. She introduced the application procedures of social science projects in detail, as well as the reviewing process.

Ms. Jia Huihui from Office of Research giving lecture

The second part of the training course was conducted by Ms. Sun Min, the subject librarian, which covered the use of Chinese and English databases to search for social science resources especially electronic books, and how to use SCI/SSCI/CSCD/CSSCI to retrieve scholarly output. She also introduced other services the library provides.

Subject Librarian Ms. Sun Min giving lecture 

This is the first time that library and Office of Research jointly offered training courses, which covered application procedure of science and social science projects, international cooperation projects, the use of ESI to assess academic performance, the use of ORCID, and searching for social science resources. The training is fruitful in terms of improving secretaries’ management and service level.