Trial on Current Anthropology

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Trial on Current Anthropology

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Current Anthropology is sponsored by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research and was originally established in 1959 to create a worldwide community of scholars that transcends national borders and parochial intellectual orientations.

Current Anthropology continues to be a transnational journal devoted to research on humankind. The journal defines such research in the broadest possible way: to encompass all scholarship on human cultures and on the human, or closely related, species. It therefore makes a strong commitment to a comprehensive view of anthropology and provides a forum for active scholarly critique as a major means by which to achieve this view. To this end, all major articles undergo the CA☆ treatment: commentators, selected from around the world, write critiques that appear in the same issue as the article, along with a reply from the author. The journal also publishes research reports, book and film reviews, forums, and discussion items.