Trial on Fauna and Flora of China

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Flora of China Database

Fauna of China Database

Period of validity : 2018/07/09 to 2018/10/08


 “Fauna and Flora of China” include two databases: Flora of China Database and Fauna of China Database.

Flora of China Database is built based on Flora Republica Popularis Sinica, which was published by Science Press. This book series include 80 volumes, 126 issues, more than 50 million words, 9,080 illustrations, and ca. 100,000 scientific names.  31,142 species belong to 301 families and 3,408 genera were recorded from China. Meanwhile, the morphological characters, habitat, geographic distributions, economic uses and phenology period were recorded. The book series were compiled and accomplished by 312 authors and 164 illustrators from more than 80 institutes and universities, with an accumulation of 80 years’ efforts and 45 years of strenuous work.

Fauna of China Database is based on Fauna of China, which is also published by Science Press. In this book series, invertebrates, vertebrates and insects were recorded with amounted to about 1 billion words, 6 million illustrations and ca. 5 million scientific names. This is the first book which systematically recorded the whole fauna of China, and it also included research history of fauna in China, morphology, systematic systems, geographical distributions, biological and ecological information, and economic uses etc.